About Us

Kou Yi Iron Works Co., Ltd was established in 1959. In the company's early days, it mainly manufactured hydraulic press and developed a manually operated vertical injection machine that benefited early plastics product manufacturers.

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Following the completion of P.V.C foaming material research in 1970, Kou Yi sucessfully introduced a spiral straight type injection machine. This machine was widely used by the shoe manufacturing industry in Taiwan.


The company developed several patents, awards and achieved the ISO-9002 certificate. After several years of continuous research, the company had developed the first automatic rotary type jointing and ejecting molding machine, and released two/three/four color automatic machines, PU injection moulding machine, sole injection machine with multiple functions with a bang in Taiwan. At the same time, it also developed one and two color rain boot injection machines. The company's high quality products also receive recommendation from clients. 

Better Create 

Do everything better. Create newness continuously The company always holds on these principles of the company founder Mr. Wen Song Jiang."Do everything better. Create newness continuously"and "Research and Create newness is our sales" is his motto. His goal is to do our best to provide high quality products to meet customers’ needs. We stand in the leadership in shoe manufacturing industrial for several years through practice.

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