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LCD touchable setting, easy to operate. Display on computer screen, easy to monitor the state of machine. High effective electronic controlling, can adjust and set different PU injection volume for each station to meet different requests of mold. Special design for mixing head, grinding-proof, precise mixing materials. After injecting can clear residue automatically without any solvent. A hidden motor drives axis part directly, low noise and high effects, during running in high speed can rotary smoothly and can be controlled precisely. Also with axis-protecting system to ensure the axis with high effective running. Auto machine clip the mixing screw rod, fixed steadily and exchange knife quickly. PU material tank with stable thermos and stirring, also with double-layer thermos-cycle barrel to ensure the normal property of material.


Mold clamp frame24 station
Motor of hydraulic pump (disc)7.5HPx1, 3HPx1 Kw
Size of side mold400x200 (420x200) mm
Last height333, 383, 433, 483, 533 mm
Screw rod diameterφ25 mm
Pump delivery rate20 cm³/rev
Tank capacity (material polyol+iso)250×4 L
Capacity of thermal coal oil130 L
Power consumption (full load) for wiring59 Kw
Machine dimension11000×9900×2260 mm
Machine weight28 ton