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LCD touchable setting, easy to operate. Display on computer screen, easy to monitor the state of machine. High effective electronic controlling, can adjust and set different PU/TPU injection volume for each station to meet different requests of mold. Special design for mixing head, grinding-proof, precise mixing materials. After injecting can clear residue automatically without any solvent. PU material tank with stable thermos and stirring, also with double-layer thermos-cycle barrel to ensure the normal property of material.


No. of station24 station
Size of mold availableL380×W180 mm
Height of last383 mm
Screw diameter55 mm
Injection volume427 cm³/shot
A, b tank140, 140 L
Electric motor30HP*1, 7.5HP×1(Disc Pump), 5HP(Shaft) HP
Electric heating consumption26.6 Kw
Power consumption (full load) for wiring80 Kw
Oil tank volume764 L
Machine dimensionL12535×W6433×H2200 mm
Machine weight28 tons