Rotary Type Automatic Air Blowing Plastic Shoes Injection Moulding Machine NSK-296

Rotary Type Automatic Air Blowing Plastic Shoes Injection Moulding Machine NSK-296

Taichung City, Taiwan

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Hydraulic open/close mold equipment with powerful mold clamping force produces a light fibre trim-free oduct, saves manpower and ensures long duration of moulds. With air blowing equipment makes products bright, light, well-distributed density in foaming layer and soft. It's suitable for P.V.C. and T.P.R. foaming and unfoaming material. This machine can produce not only high quality soles, slippers and sandals but also general foaming and unfoaming type shoes. With molds cooling system, it gives a well fixed mold products and increases production capacity. Reasonable hydraulic system, each station can be set different ejecting pressure individually to get more perfect products. With digital type proportional control system, this machine can have well control on setting need data for clamping mould, feeding and ejecting ....etc. It's perfect performance in electric control system with high stability and well safety to ensure its performance. Full auto monitoring system, and complete safety protection, ensuring a safe environment for operators and molds, and decreasing cost in maintenance & repair.


Mold clamping frame20Stations
Raw material availablePVC/TPR
Screw rod diameterØ70m/m
Max.ejecting capacity692  cm³/shot
Screw revolution0-160R.P.M.
Mold clamping force72tons
Mould systemHydraulic
Size of mold available390x200x200mm
Temperature control section4sections
Electric heating8.8kw
Total electric comsumption30kw
Machine volume6150x2720x2010m/m
Machine weight8200kgs
Packing dimension(5600x2100x2100m/m)x1 (1500x480x600m/m)x2