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Reduce manpower demands: Our adoption of an automatic hydraulic operation system does not require professional technicians but only needs one operator to take out the finished product that eaisly achieves the automated, manpower-saving purpose. Improve work environment: The automatic hydraulic injection system replaces traditional artificial filling method for production to reduce the deterioration on the production process arising out of human factors. Save energy: The accurate metering injection system cuts down the unnecessary amount of flash to reduce raw material consumption that effectively reduces the amount of flash recycled and achieves the energy-saving purpose to avoid energy waste. Improve production efficiency: The effect of extrusion by high-pressure injection effectively preheats the rubber that reduces preheat and vulcanization time to achieve the effect of increasing capacity. Improve product quality: The block system of high-pressure clamping to be in working with the accurate control system of inject amount leads to the quality conformance that reduces the number of defective product as well as the unnecessary consumption of materials and energy recycled. Improve applications of molds: After going through moderate modification, traditional thermal compression and vulcanizing molds can be used via this machine to avoid the repeated investments in molds and to increase applications of molds. Mobility and flexibility: The setup of different production conditions can rely on the product characteristics and requirements to offer effective production and reduce goods inventory output. Safety and comfort: The multiple protection avoids the occurrence of occupational accidents to offer a safe and comfortable production work environment for employees.


Number of stations6 station
Max. mold dimensionL440×W400×H40~145 mm
Max. extruding volume530 cm³
Electric motor30HP×6P×1, 15HP×6P×1 HP
Electric heating consumption64.8 Kw
Power consumption (full load) for wiring112.25 Kw
Oil tank volume607 L
Machine dimensionL6030×W4925×H2600 mm
Machine weight16000 Kg